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The Egg Donor Fees

There are two different categories of fees that you will be incurring as you undertake a cycle with The Egg Donor Center. For ease of understanding, these categories include our comprehensive fees and optional fees.

Comprehensive Egg Donor Program Fees
Initial Registration Fee $0
Detailed Donor Profile Report $0
Full Matching Fee $4,000
Donor Fee (Escrow) $5-8,000
Donor Travel Fee Individualized
Donor Travel Coordination Fee $500
Donor Insurance $500
Total $10,000-$13,000
Fee Schedule does not include: Attorney Fees, Doctor Fees, Medical Testing, etc.

Optional Egg Donor Program Costs
Psychological Screening (Interview and MMPI-2 Test with Psychologist) $750-1000

Once you select the Optimal Egg Donor

Once you select the ideal egg donor, we will send you a Egg Donor Recipient Agreement document which will need to be signed and returned to us. The Comprehensive Egg Donor Program Fees are due at this time as well. The donor compensation is retained in trust and paid to the egg donor after egg retrieval. If the donor does not meet your doctor's requirements, or the donor becomes unavailable at any time during the cycle, your fees will be refunded to you, minus any expenses incurred thus far.

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