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Egg Donors Process


The Egg Donor Center  isaffiliated with RGI/IHR, one of the world's leading fertility centers with expertise in various forms of ART, as well as PGD (preimplantation genetic diagnosis). Our goal at The Egg Donor Center is to ensure that you have a safe, satisfying and successful egg recipient experience. Since the outcome of egg donation cycles is dependent on many different factors, we, however, cannot guarantee that every egg donors in our pool will show a normal ovarian response to stimulation, will produce eggs at all, will produce an adequate number of eggs/ embryos, will produce eggs/embryos of adequate quality or that every egg donation cycle will result in a pregnancy in the recipient. Moreover, pregnancies after egg donation are subject to the same complications of spontaneously conceived pregnancies, including the risk of miscarriage and ectopic pregnancy. Our process begins online and then is custom tailored to suit your very personal needs.


The egg donation candidates in our donor pool have undergone careful selection based on a detailed written questionnaire, which each applicant has to fill out.


You can review our condensed egg donor profiles at your leisure, free of charge. On entry, you will be required to choose a login and password, making it easier to later return to your “Egg Donor Wishlist”. These condensed profiles offer brief donors summaries, including ethnic origin, height, hair color, eye color, education, talents, etc. to assist in your search.


After reviewing the condensed egg donor profiles, you may now request detailed egg donor profiles. These profiles contain over 20 pages of information including medical, genetic and family histories, education, interests, special talents and abilities, motivation for donating, the parents’ education and occupations, and other family characteristics. Please note that egg donors in our file may already be in cycle and for that (or other) reason(s) may not be immediately available for matching. It, therefore, is recommended to select more than one potential donor candidate. Final availability of a donor will only be checked once you have made a final choice in regards to a donor.


Once you have selected a tentative donor, we will check her immediate availability. Once your donor candidate has been confirmed in her availability, you are considered tentatively matched. At this point, if you haven't done so, your next step will be to have a consultation with our physician at RGI/IHR to determine the details of your egg donor cycle. This is a good time to ask any questions regarding the costs other than the predetermined egg donor compenstaion. After the consultation with the physician, you will sign a legally binding contract, as well as various informed consent forms. STEP 4: PRECYCLE STEPS

Our egg donors and recipient couples sign standard informed consent forms. These consents follow standard language for such consents, recommended by professional organizations, and are mandatory for our egg donors and recipients to sign. We, however, strongly recommend that egg donors and egg recipients seek advice from a qualified attorney before signing these documents. Your attorney will also be able to help you review the consent forms, which your physician will ask you to sign.

All egg donors, selected through The Egg Donor Center, are required to be covered by insurance. Please discuss the options with the physician/nurse coordinators at RGI/IHR.


If your egg donor does not reside in the community, where the IVF cycle will be conducted, she may have to receive part of her care elsewhere. We will make the appropriate travel arrangements in coordination with RGI/IHR. Costs for the donor’s travel can vary and will be charged to the recipient.


Your medical treatment, including all of your and the donor’s IVF cycle management, are exclusively under the responsibility of our affiliated physician. The Egg Donor Center, therefore, will have no responsibility, whatsoever, for the outcome of your treatment and/or any complications, which may arise from the treatment to you or the egg donor. Upon verification that the egg retrieval has occurred, the egg donor receives her egg donation compensation.

Some couples also elect to send an appreciation gift to their Egg Donor (e.g. flowers, letter), to arrive when she returns home after the retrieval. We are happy to assist with these arrangements.

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