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The quantity and quality of a womanís eggs decrease over time. After 35, women have a substantial decrease in the quality of eggs produced; and the chance of obtaining a successful pregnancy starts to decrease significantly. Many women who could not become pregnant with their own eggs can become pregnant very easily using eggs from a donor.

With younger eggs from an egg donor, a woman can improve the likelihood of achieving a successful pregnancy to more than 60% in just one cycle, even if previous IVF cycles using the patientís own eggs have failed. Furthermore, with donor egg treatment, the age of the woman is virtually irrelevant to the success of the process if she is under 50 years of age. Women over 50 may also use donor eggs to become pregnant. In some respects, donor egg treatment reverses the biological clock by overcoming many of the fertility problems caused by age. Using donor eggs also is extremely successful for women who have suffered premature ovarian failure, recurrent miscarriage and other problems. Thanks to donor egg treatment, women who have been unable to conceive using their own eggs can experience the joys of pregnancy and of giving birth to a child.

If you are interested in our egg donor program, the first step is to choose your own login and password to our database. Once you register and obtain a login and password, you will then create and submit a Egg Donors Wish List. Because of our large number of prescreened egg donors, we can match basically almost any ethnicity. Once you submit your Egg Donors Wish List, you will immediately be able to review our current egg donor matches. You can return to Your Egg Donors Wish List by returning to this page and entering your login and password.
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