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Egg Donor Process


The first step in the egg donation process is to complete a confidential questionnaire disclosing information about your family history, personal health history, sexual activity, drug usage, medical background, prescription and over-the-counter medications taken, child bearing history, education background and areas of talent and/or interests outside your profession. You will be contacted to submit a current photo of yourself. This helps the recipient narrow down their search for the donor who would make the best match for them. Once officially chosen by a recipient, you will be contacted by the donor coordinator to fill out the necessary paperwork as well as provide an opportunity to discuss any possible questions.


A Wishlist is submitted by the recipient couple identifying characteristics or traits that they desire. This Wishlist is run through our database and, when an appropriate match is found, donor characteristics are anonymously presented to the recipient couple. A recipient couple may accept or reject the egg donors presented. If a recipient couple has taken a strong interest in an egg donor's profile they will be contacted to confirm availability. The donor may be asked to provide more information or more photos as this time.


You will go through a lengthy screening process, both physically and psychologically. If your medical profile and family history are free of abnormality and/or undesirable traits, you will be referred to a physician to assess your psychological and medical profile. After the consultation, a physical examination including laboratory tests will be performed. Upon satisfactory results of these tests, you will be approved as an egg donor by the recipient's physician.

Egg Donation

As the next step in egg donation, you will begin ovarian stimulation with injections of Lupron to suppress your natural cycle. The Lupron suppression will help to synchronize your cycle with the recipient cycle. Blood tests and ultrasound examinations are used to evaluate the response to superovulation treatment and predict the time of the expected ovulation. Fertility drugs are used to increase the production of eggs. The average donor cycle lasts 3 to 5 weeks from the beginning of injectable medication until the day of retrieval. Upon completion of your retrieval, you will receive $6,500 for your time, commitment and service.

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