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Because all medical centers handle an egg donor IVF cycle differently, the cycle shown below is only a sample.

The start of a menstrual cycle is referred to as DAY ONE (1) of the cycle. In an average 28 day cycle, a woman will most likely ovulate around day 14. This means the egg retrieval will usually take place on day 14 and the transfer will take place on day 16 or 17.

Day 1: (start of cycle): Donor undergoes an ultrasound to examine her ovaries and blood tests to check her hormone levels. She is provided with disposable needles, and several vials of Lupron, an ovulation suppressant that she must inject into herself every morning for the next few weeks. The drug is administered to the recipient to enable doctors to synchronize her menstrual cycle with the donor's cycle.

Day 5: Recipient begins taking Estrace pills to develop the lining of her uterus, known as the endometrium.

Day 11: Donor undergoes another ultrasound and blood tests. She continues taking Lupron and receives a nine-day supply of Pergonal, an ovulation stimulant that will cause her to produce a large quantity of eggs.

Day 12 : At home, the Donor receives her first injection of Pergonal. Because these injections must be given into muscle tissue, her husband or friend may be recruited to help.

Day 17 : Donor undergoes a third ultrasound to determine how her ovaries are responding to the medication.

Day 19 : The Donor's blood levels will be tested and an ultrasound taken to measure the size of her eggs.

Day 21: After undergoing another ultrasound to check on the development of her eggs, the donor receives an injection of hCG, a pregnancy hormone that helps prepare her eggs for retrieval.

Day 22 : Recipient receives an injection of Progesterone, a drug that further prepares the lining of her uterus for implantation of the embryo(s).

Day 23 : Donor undergoes an outpatient procedure in which eggs are removed from her ovaries. A long needle removes maturing eggs from her ovaries. The microscopic eggs are sucked through the long needle into a test tube. That evening, the eggs are placed in a test tube and inseminated with sperm from the egg recipient's husband in preparation for implantation.

Day 26-28: Approximately 2-4 embryos are implanted into the recipient's uterus. The other embryos will have been frozen and stored in nitrogen the day before.

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