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College/High IQ Egg Donors

Thank you for your interest in viewing The Egg Donor Center Database. TED has 971 prescreened College/High IQ egg donors, 141 interviewed and approved College/High IQ egg donors, and 158 currently unavailable College/High IQ egg donors on file, probably more than any other IVF program in the nation!

The egg donor candidates in our approved Egg Donor Database complete a detailed questionnaire that represents the screening phase of the application. TED receives approximately 30 to 50 new egg donor applications a week. From there, only about half of the candidates who apply are invited for an in-person interview with one of our oocyte evaluation program coordinators.

The first interview with our program coordinator usually eliminates another 10-20 percent of the candidates. The second interview is with one of our physicians. The physician also conducts medical testing for infectious disease, genetic issues, and drug abuse. Only when a candidate has cleared all of these steps, are they entered into TED's approved Egg Donor Database. Only about 5 percent of all applicants make it into our egg donor pool.

If you would like to review some of our qualified egg donor candidates, the first step is to register and obtain a login and password. Once you register and obtain a login and password, you will create and submit an Egg Donor Wish List. Thanks to our large number of prescreened egg donors, we can match almost any ethnicity within days.

Once you submit your Egg Donor Wish List, you will automatically be able to review our current egg donor matches. You can return to your Egg Donor Wish List any time by coming back to this page and entering your login and password.

If you prefer to have us search TED's Egg Donor Bank for you, please contact us.

The first step is to register and obtain a login and password. If you are not registered yet, Click here to join.

If you are already registered, you can login below:

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